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Cornucopia Enterprises created a business class advertising network from the ground up to help Businesses in Northern California effectively reach out to their potential customers. We did this by securing advertising venues at some of the busiest locations  imaginable.  We understood the benefits of Television, radio and Newspaper advertising, but we also wanted to offer a place where businesses can take advantage of repeat presentation to its audience without the expensive price tag that went along with other advertising products. We knew billboard advertising  was and continues to be highly effective for those who can afford it. So we took the best of what billboards had to offer and created a network of backlit boxes that display beautifully lit advertisements in areas that offer a lot of traffic AND  reach the clientele that  is most desirable. Airport advertising in Northern California was born and  we have been going strong ever since we have  created this amazing product for the local business community. We still offer traditional billboards for our advertisers and we continue to innovate in the advertising arena by offering a new digital signage product that, when completed, will be a one of a kind product that will be in very high demand.  Stay tuned for that new product and in the meantime, feel free to give us a call to learn more about Cornucopia Enterprises and how we can help grow your business. 530-221-1106

We do Billboards!

We have what you need, we just don’t always have the space available. But! don’t let that discourage you from contacting us. When we don’t have space available, we are usually able to find a very suitable alternative advertising spot for your business, or we  can put you on our waiting list, so when your desired spot opens up, we can place your ad right away. Call us today at 530-221-1106  to learn how our advertising products can grow your business.

 We have years of experience

Let our years of experience help you navigate the tricky waters of advertising in Northern California. We know this market inside and out and can eliminate the learning curve when deciding how or where to use those valuable advertising dollars. Call us today to see how we can help you grow your business.  530-221-1106