Shasta County Fairgrounds

Shasta Country Fair Grounds

Billboard advertising is still king in the Out of Home Advertising industry. Billboard space is getting more difficult to secure as larger companies and advertising agencies are reserving space at record pace. Fortunately, there is still a venue here in Shasta County that has all the benefits you expect from a high traffic location but we offer our billboards at prices that are not only affordable, but make perfect business sense right from the start. Call us today at 530-221-1106 and see how effective and affordable advertising at the Shasta County Fairgrounds is.

Over a quarter million people each month see these boards

Target Northbound travelers

Target Southbound travelers

 Incredible ROI for advertising

Our Billboards

Effective and Affordable

Our billboards are working for you 24 hours a day 7 day per week. Not only are the billboards prominently displayed to all travelers on hwy 273, but they are also equipped with lights so, when the sun goes down, your ads are still brightly illuminated for the world to see. Many billboards do not offer lighting for evening viewing, but we built our billboards to be working all the time, just for you.

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