Delhi Ca

Delhi Ca

There is no doubt that the best advertising dollars are spent where you get the most eyes on your ads from the most targeted audience. The Redding Municipal Airport is one of the best advertising values in the Northern California market.  A captive clientele and targeting prospects that value their time is what we offer in this prestigious location and is unsurpassed in delivering true tangible results for our customers. Give us a call and see how affordable and effective advertising at this great venue can be.

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Beautifully designed and presented backlit ads blur the lines between advertising and art. Most visitors to the airport spend several minutes in the terminal area. Our advertisers get the luxury of having their ads seen multiple times by the same person for several minutes. This leads to longer lasting impressions and superior delivery of your message. No other product in our advertising market and make this claim and we are proud of the results we have delivered for our customers over the years.

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