Digital Signage

  Digital Signage

Cornucopia is expanding into the Digital Signage market in a  big way. We are in the process of building new locations and converting some of our existing static backlit displays into vibrant digital screens. This will allow us to offer shorter duration advertising contracts so we can now accommodate seasonal messages as well as rotating out ads to target different demographics at different times of the day. The options available to advertisers in the digital signage arena are almost endless. Call us today to see how to put the power of digital signage to work for you.  Cornucopia Enterprises 530-221-1106.

 Digital Signage gets the job done!

For seasonal Advertising

Rotate your messages

 Video that Network advertising can’t match

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It is our belief that an all of the above approach to advertising is definitely the best way to promote and grow your business. We also understand that budgets are not unlimited and advertising dollars need to work harder than ever before. With this in mind, Cornucopia Enterprises has begun creating and offering digital signage ad sells that will accommodate video and slide shows of your message, to help you tell a more compelling story. Our current screens in the Redding Municipal Airport and at the Humboldt County Airport are ideally suited to give our advertisers the most bang for their buck. Call us today to see how our digital signage can help you grow your business. 530-221-1106

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