Beautiful Displays

With over 3 million people each year visiting Granzella’s deli and restaurant, it made perfect sense to establish a world class advertising venue in this iconic location. Our vast experience in Billboard advertising told us, this would be a great location for not just a single large billboard, but to place several beautifully constructed and presented backlit display boxes that will allow advertisers to have mini billboards presented to the millions of  visitors each year in a manner than will work well both day and night. We now have 23 display boxes and an information center where visitors can pick up brochures and rack cards with your message printed and presented to them.

Backlit display boxes really stand out

Your advertising dollars are always at work here at Granzella’s. Display ads are presented to visitors as they enter the building from the expansive parking lot.  Over 3 Million people visit this iconic location and the placement of our displays insures that your message will get in front of nearly every visitor. Very few advertising locations can make such a claim.

Info Center / Rack Card Display

The rack card display at Granzella’s is the most utilized info center in Northern California. We stock it daily to ensure your printed collateral is always presented as you intend it to be. 365 days a year. No App can compete with the power of a printed product that a potential customer can pick up and instantly connect with your business or message.  The information Center at Granzella’s is truly a gem when it comes to effective advertising.

        Test of time

Even when the sun goes down, your ads stand out.

In what seems to be the middle of nowhere, Granzella’s has established itself as the premier go to establishment for travelers on the busiest freeway in California I-5. Whether people are stopping in to grab a sandwich or to taste test their world famous olive collection one thing is certain. If you are traveling north or south on I-5, you will likely stop at Granzella’s. With so many people stopping by doesn’t it make perfect sense to advertise your business at such a popular location? of course it does. So call us today to learn how affordable and effective having a mini billboard working for you can be.